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     Brand Ambassador Niwa

    NAME: Niwa aka Bad Gal Niwa | Pānia | Diva

    NICKNAMES: Cheeky Gal, Bubba and Āniwaniwa which translates from Māori to English as Rainbow!

    BARKDAY: April 24th 2018 - 2020 |

    BREED: Purebred Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

    HOMETOWN: Taupō

    FAV FOOD: Anything the humans are eating... Especially mussel fritters from the local markets. But Niwa loves her Tumeke Pet Lamb Lung treats and more recently she's loving the Coconut Bones from Smack Bang Store in Wellington.

    FAV DOG WALKING BEACH: Paraparaumu Beach was the first seaside beach Niwa had ever been to, and OMG the zoomies were absolutely crazy! I'd never seen a Staffy literally somersault out of pure joy before. It's one of my favourite puppy memories I can think of. There's nothing Niwa loves more than dragging her face through the sand and rolling around in the waves!

    FAV DOG FRIENDLY CAFÉ/BAR: We have a few... Our favourite Restaurant/Cafè is Dixie Browns Taupō, because they are so dog friendly! One of Niwa's absolute favourite people in the entire world is Liza. Liza is a waitress at Dixie's and she treats Niwa like a proper Pupper Princess with a mean Puppiccino, bowls of bacon and lots of cuddles too of course. All of the staff there are 10/10 and always make our day brighter! Our favourite dog friendly Bar is the Two Mile Bay Sailing Club out on the lakefront here in Taupō. They host a massive Dogs&Grog every month which is always pumping! Also, they without a doubt have the best wood fired pizza in town, we totally recommend the Margherita Pizza (W some bacon on the side for ya doggo) and a cool glass of Chardonnay! Can't beat a good pizza, cold bevvy right on the lakeside! Bliss.

    FAV WOLVES PRODUCT: It's safe to say we love every single Wolves product in our wardrobe... But, we have especially been loving the Buffalo Mesh Harness and the matching adjustable leash. The way the harness is designed with the ability to adjust the length of each strap is something we haven't seen on other mesh harnesses and is somethin' we can totally appreciate. Especially because Niwa is smaller than you'd expect but quite wide in the shoulders so being able to make the adjustments has been a game changer! Also, holy heck an adjustable leash is the switch up we never knew we needed! I didn't even know they existed until we found Wolves of Wellington. But wowee, it's been so helpful. We even clipped one adjustable lead to another and made a long line out of them on the farm the other day, super sick!

    THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE LINK: Cheeky little Rascal!