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     Brand ambassador Nadira

    NAME: Nadira

    NICKNAMES: Dira, Floof, Dira-Bug

    BARKDAY: 21 November 2018

    BREED: Border collie

    HOMETOWN: Auckland

    FAV FOOD: Besides the human food that we refuse to share with her? Nadira enjoys a topping of the Ziwi Peak wet food on her Addiction (Viva la Venison) kibble! For treats, it seems we have found a winner with the Tu Meke Friend lamb lung, Beef Jerky, and Beef Liver Strip flavours; she seems to do just about anything for a taste of these. But, it’s a bit hard to pinpoint an exact favourite food for Nadira; she is quite food driven and loves a taste of everything (yes, we have wonderful drool works happening on more occasions than we’d like to admit! – So ladylike!).

    FAV DOG WALKING BEACH: For quick beach trips we enjoy venturing to Mellon’s Bay Beach in Howick, Auckland. It’s quite close to home and very dog friendly; it’s convenience is possibly why it’s one of our favourite beaches to head out to, and the sea isn’t rough with tumbling waves which makes it a bit safer for dogs who aren’t strong swimmers but still enjoy heading into the water!

    However, a bit inconvenient because of distance from us, but definitely worth the journey, we have enjoyed Bethell’s Beach and Kariotahi Beach – the scenery for both of these is absolutely splendid with gorgeous backdrops to frame the perfect beach adventure pictures. Perhaps, one of the most enjoyable features of Kariotahi Beach is that it is accessible via the Waiuku forest walk and often enough one gets to enjoy the peace and tranquility with barely anyone else around, creating a very intimate and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy with your four-legged and two-legged friends.

    FAV DOG FRIENDLY CAFÉ/BAR: We haven’t yet experimented with the dog friendly cafés and/or bars around Auckland, however, we have attended an event hosted by Vetcare Grey Lynn at the Pocket Bar and Kitchen (and plan to attend more throughout the months) called Dog and Grogg! We’re looking forward to this month’s meeting and enjoying a scrumptious meal and drink while our pups get to mingle and socialize and be doted on by the congregation of dog owners in attendance.

    FAV WOLVES PRODUCT: Besides the fun, colourful bandanas – I think our favourite product at the moment has to be the All-Purpose Harness. We were first introduced to this amazing harness in our Wolf Pack, and after trying it out, I knew we had to add another to our collection. Nadira looks completely comfortable in the harness and moves about as freely as she would if she were just in a collar; the harness fits perfectly and in all the right places with striking designs showing up against her fluff! We generally use the front clip on the harness while loose leash walking; otherwise the back clip is used for more relaxed, less structured walks. It’s just so versatile that it’s hard not to like – and it’s definitely adventure proof. We have tested it with some beach adventures, fun hikes, general daily street use, and running around in the parks; not once have we had any problems with either of the All-Purpose harnesses (besides them getting all muddy from playing in the puddles!). In fact, the sleek strap design makes it a lot easier to wangle through bushes and twigs that could sometimes snag onto bulkier designs! Fantastic product, and we’re hoping there will be some new designs in the future for us to add to our collection!

    THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE NADIRA: Focused, Spunky + Exuberant