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    Brand Ambassador Luna 

    NAME: Luna | Aurora

    NICKNAMES: Loons, Lu, Noona, Loonytunes | Rory, Roarz, Rorsie

    BARKDAY:  23 March 2019 | 10 December 2020

    BREED: Collie x Whippet x Heading Dog | Heading Dog x Border Collie 

    HOMETOWN: Wellington

    FAV FOOD: Cheese  | Any food! Girly loves food.

    FAV DOG WALKING BEACH: Island Bay, because it’s the perfect mix of sand to run on, rocks to explore and water to swim in. 

    FAV WOLVES PRODUCT: The floss all purpose harness! So good for adventures, car safety & handling.

    THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE LUNA: Adventurous, loving, snuggly

    THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE AURORA: Intelligent, rambunctious, outgoing